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FITKids Class

Looking for a fun and engaging way to keep your kids active and healthy? Look no further than our FITKid dance class! Designed for children between the ages 5 and 10, our class combines the joy of dance with the benefits of fitness to help your child develop strength, flexibility, and coordination.

During our classes, your child will learn a variety of choreographed dance routines set to their favorite music, allowing them to express themselves and move  to the beat. In addition, we also incorporate mat work into our classes to help improve strength and flexibility. This helps kids develop good posture, balance, and core strength.

Our highly experienced instructors are passionate about working with kids, and are dedicated to creating a fun and supportive environment that encourages your child to explore their creativity and learn new skills. So why wait? Sighn your child up for our FitKids dance Class today and let them discover the joy movement!

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