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The Meaning of FITMama

Fitmama Class is not just about physical fitness, but about overall wellness and being fit as a person. As a mother of two and a former professional dancer, I know firsthand the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy body, both physically and mentally.

During the pandemic, when many people were stuck at home and struggling with isolation and stress, I turned to exercise as a way to cope and stay grounded. I started offering FITMama Classes as a way to share my passion for fitness and provide a supportive community for others who were also looking for ways to stay active and healthy during challenging times.

For me, being a Fitmama means finding balance between motherhood, career, and personal wellness. It means prioritizing my own health and self-care, so that I can be the best version of myself for my family and community. And it means inspiring and empowering others to do the same, by providing a fun and accessible fitness experience that is tailored to the needs of busy moms and anyone else who is looking for a way to prioritize their health and wellness.

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F I T M a m a H a p p y M a m a

What our customers are saying

Treat yourself to a class ... so fun ... great music ... unique moves ... I look forward to it every week! Thanks FITMama Class for helping me stay on my fitness journey. 


Trampoline Class

LOVED IT! I had the best time! It was very hard and I had to stop and catch my breathe a few times but it was a lot of fun and a great workout. I will go again!

FITMama class

The more I go to this class the more I like it! The best part is that I feel I have really accomplished something after I make it through! I will return 100%

T r a m p o l i n e  C l a s s

FITMama​ Class

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186 Brunswick St 3rd Floor

Jersey City NJ

(347) 754-2799

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